Weight Loss Personal Trainer in London

When it comes to losing weight, what counts is that you need to burn more calories than you consume. If this fails then you will not lose weight.

A lot of people think that cardiovascular training is the only way to lose weight. There is nothing wrong with cardio, I am a big fan of it myself but most people do not get the intensity high enough or they are not doing it long enough.

A lot of people come in and jump on the treadmill or the cross-trainer and most of the time they stay there for under 20 min. Something is better than nothing however you will not burn a significant amount of calories during that time.

Use the time more efficiently in the gym.

Do a circuit, add weights, do pushups, squats, planks etc. Letting muscles work whilst moving around will increase the intensity and burn more calories.

Fat Burning Zone, how it works?

Most people have heard of fat burning and that it is best done in a low to moderate intensity. You might even have seen some really fit looking people on the treadmill walking slowly on an incline. This person probably works out with weights 5-6 times a week in order to keep their muscle bulk.

Bodybuilders is the best example of this as they use the fat burning zone because they would lose too much energy and kcal going harder on the treadmill which would impact their muscle building in a negative way. Thats why they can and have to do Cardio in this low to moderate zone. Plus it can help with recovery to some extent.

We then have long distance endurance athletes. These guys spend so much time training and thus burn and enormous amount of calories and consequently are lean. They also dont have to worry about losing muscle mass through hard endurance training. They most likely spend most of their time in harder training zones and not in fat burning zone.

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