Older man Stretching
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Benefits from strength training when you get older.

There are a huge amount of benefits from strength training when you get older, below I name a few.

You get stronger bones

You get better co-ordination

Better balance

It improves your mental health

Why start training?

If you can improve the above, you have optimised your health and most likely your quality of life. To be able to be independent and move freely without aches and pains I advice you to get started.

How to train when you get older?

You can do pretty much anything your body allows you to do. You will want to work on balance and co-ordination. It will help you to improve in other areas of your training, short, medium and long term. Start with weights and exercises that are manageable. (Too easy is better than to hard) Incorporate a good mobility routine that suits your level. What someone is able to do varies a lot from person to person so don’t compare yourself.

Is it too late to start?

It is never too late to start strength training, the sooner the better of course. The sooner you incorporate strength training into your life the better your body will hold up when you reach the high numbers, one of my current clients is 82 years of age. He is a good example of what strength training during a lifetime can do for you.