What My Clients Are Saying

Don't just take it from us, let my clients do the talking!

"Ellen has helped me with a shoulder injury, and now I can really feel the difference. She collaborated with an osteopath at Soho gyms, which really enhanced the rehabilitation process.

Really can't thank her enough, I have improved my core strength and shoulder mobility over the last month.

I plan to continue with my personal training, and start to work on strength training next."

Brian F

"I've been training with Ellen for several months now and in that time she's made a dramatic difference in my fitness levels. I originally started with once a week sessions to get me back into the gym but I’ve found the results with her so effective, I have happily moved up to twice weekly.

She has proved the best personal trainer I have used in 20 years, with her dance background giving her a great basis for working around various weak areas and old sporting injuries. She manages to keep the sessions varied and interesting but will push you to do what she knows you’re capable of.

Highly recommended! "


"I have been working with Ellen 2x weekly for 12 months. She has been the most professional PT I have ever had, even before our first PT session took place we had a lengthy talk discussing what I hoped to achieve and my focus on triathlon. In the initial assessment with Ellen she quickly identified 3 key areas which needed improvement, these include running technique, flexibility and core strength. All of which where a complete surprise!

Over the past year I have dramatically improved these 3 areas with a ever declining 10k time not to mention my 3 minute watt bike test which has been catapulted up to a 381 watts average. Highly recommend! "

Steven Boyle