Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

What does prevention and rehabilitation mean when it comes to strength training?

Simply put, it is when you are strengthening the muscles, working on any imbalance in the muscles that is/was causing injury.

Injury Prevention

You are working on preventing an injury. You are strengthening and mobilising the muscles needed in a successive way. This should be done with good technique and control even if there is more explosive and powerful elements in your strength training. The targeted muscle depends on your own specific requirements.

Injury Prevention for athletes and non athletes.

The exercises can be different between a athlete and a non athlete, for an athlete they should waist as little energy as possible in the gym, they need their energy for their chosen sport. For a non athlete they can endure wasting more energy during their exercises. Even though alot of it is similar for a athlete they usually just need to keep their muscles in balance and prevent poor mobility. For a non athlete it often is posture related.

Injury Rehabilitation

You are building up the muscles again after a injury, have had time away or have not done any strength training pre-injury. The lack of strength and mobility can and in most cases be the cause of an sport/activity/work related injury.

Strengthening and mobilising to rehabilitate an injury needs to be done like prevention with perfect technique and in some cases you would start without any weights. You need to condition the injured area or muscle before strengthening it.

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