Strength exercises for triathletes.

Strength exercises for triathletes are essential. Consistency is key in endurance spot. Having to stop because of an injury is a problem.

Have a look at this link explaining what consistency means and why it is important. Link

I have listed in my opinion as a Triathlete and Personal Trainer  the most essential strength exercises for triathletes. 

Essential strength exercises.

  • Negative Calf raises 
  • Rear deltoid and rotator cuff 
  • Suspended knee tucks.(core) 
  • Step ups. (one leg at the time)

Having strong Calfs, Shoulders, Core and Hip will definitely keep any triathlete Injury free for longer. A week calf muscle can cause injuries in Achilles tendon, Plantar fasciitis, and Shin splints.

From swimming and sitting leaned over on the bike the chest can get tight and start to pull the shoulder forward. The front of the shoulder gets over used and tight. Due to the misalignment it puts the shoulder in a bigger risk of injury.

Core is extremely important to prevent any injuries especially in the lower back. It will help with the impact from running and stabilization whilst running and swimming.

A strong hip can help prevent a number of injuries in the leg. The quads in particular gets over used if the hip is weak. A strong hip will help absorb the impact coming from running and in order the lower leg will not be as exposed for injuries.