End of summer…Beginning of a new you?

End of summer… Beginning of a new you? With the tail end of Summer approaching and having enjoyed longer days, (intermittent!) sunshine and generally more time in the great outdoors, the chances are you’ve been walking, swimming, cycling more than usual and been more active than the colder months usually allow.

Planning the end of the summer.

This means that now is the perfect time to take stock on how you can avoid giving in to the sedentary pull of the colder months and avoid business as usual! If you plan now how you can incorporate fitness and activity into your schedule before the rush of work, the school run and general pressures of life return, the chances are you’ll end the year fitter than when you started. Here are my top tips on how to integrate fitness into your life in a hassle-free fashion:

Top tips.

1) Upgrade your commute: consider whether you can cycle or walk part or all of your journey into work. Consider jumping off the tube 2-3 stops earlier in order to factor in a brisk walk at the beginning or end of your day

2) Research what swimming pools are nearby and set yourself a manageable target of going for (say) a swim once a week

3) Get involved in team sports. Playing tennis or squash with a friend can be a fun way of incorporating exercise into your life. You’ll also be less likely to cancel when it means letting a friend down…

4) Join a gym. Sounds simple, but investing in membership can really help improve the discipline of attending! September is often the time for some great membership deals so have a look at the gyms near your home or work and investigation your options (and see if any friends or family would like to sign up with you)

5) Review your diet. Are you getting your 5 a day? Do you have at least one non-meat day a week? Do you eat processed food on a regular basis? If you’re going to up the exercise then doing so in tandem with improving your diet will work wonders.

Greatest Challenge?

Often the greatest challenge for those wanting to get healthier, is having the discipline of committing time to the process. A great way of kick-starting your new regime is to get a personal trainer who can help you set realistic targets, come up with a programme bespoke for you and build a routine that works for your lifestyle and fitness levels. While you may have an idea of your fitness goals, a professional can help you break these down into bite-sized chunks which will make them more achievable (and in turn ensure you’re more likely to stick at it).

Specialized training regime.

A personalised work out plan will also usually mean better results than a general plan with less risk of injury and more sustainable fitness. In short, the initial investment in having a PT by your side can end up being a great short-cut to a longer-term fitter you.

Watch out for my next blog which will provide guidance on how to find the right personal trainer for you.