For Your Fitness Goals

Im a London based personal trainer. Im  passionate about health, fitness and nutrition.  I work with clients using my skills, knowledge and experience to help guide them in achieving their goals and to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Why Choose Personal Training

I help those who find the gym intimidating, don ́t know where to start or how to go about training. I have helped people that are afraid to train with an injury (bad lower back, bad knees etc) I want my clients to understand what can help their injury if thats the main conserne and how to maintain a high lowest level. Some need help to navigate what amount of training is suitable for their life style and goals. If you want to know more about PersonalTraining? if it might be something for you? then send an email and we take it from there.

About Me

My name is Ellen Dyverfeldt, I work mainly as a Personal Trainer since 5+ years back before that I was studying contemporary dance in Salzburg for 4 years. Since I started as a Personal Trainer I got the Triathlon bug and since then I have trained for and competed in triathlons and open water swimming.

My philosophy when It comes to any form of training is that it should be realistic, achievable and  consistency is key. I love to train/teach and educate my clients on the process.

My Qualifications

  • CYQ Strength Training for Triathletes
  • Personal Training / Level 3
  • CYQ, Gym Instructor / Level 2 CYQ
  • Salzburg Dance Academy / Dance Major Diploma

About Steven

Steven Boyle have been involved in swimming for over 20 years, he competed at a national level in Northern Ireland, played water polo throughout University and currently have around 10,000 hours teaching experience. He have 8 professional swimming qualifications which include teaching, coaching and lifesaving. In 2017 I raced 9 open water swimming events, 3 of which were over the 10k distance with my best performance being 2hr: 23min at the Jubilee 10k. He have competed in many triathlons ranging from sprint distance, olympic distance and half Ironman. In 2017 He also attended BESTFEST in Majorca which is an open water swimming festival in which amateurs get to race alongside Olympians from London 2012 and Rio 2016. Furthermore He is registered for an English Channel relay attempt in August 2018.