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A sport specific programme is designed to ensure that you will get the strength, endurance and lung capacity required to enhance your sporting performance. If the athlete has any imbalances, mobility or flexibility restrictions these will be enhanced through specifically designed movements and drills.

This programme is for experienced athletes that want to maximize their performance as well as  individuals who are new to a sport and need to build up the strength required.

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Personal training.

Injury Prevention/Rehabilitation

Muscle Building / Injury Prevention. Building muscles isn’t just for clients looking to get bigger or alter their physique. Muscle building is also designed for those also looking to improve strength or rehabilitate due to an injury or surgery.

There is a also a high percentage of athletes where it is about injury prevention. This program offers a tailored approach specifically designed to meet the clients needs.

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Personal Training.

Weight Loss

Everyone has different goals and factors that plays  a part. Whether the goals are to tone up, build strength, get back in to a routine, want to get a good workout in a short lunch break or all of the above.

The best program offers all of this and more while tracking your progress bi-weekly

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